Bisschops Stained Glass can build a window to either match an existing window or design and build from a new or existing design. Most antique glass can now also be accurately matched, so broken pieces can easily be replaced to match the original artwork.



Bisschops Stained Glass have been commissioned to build windows for many churches throughout W.A. Bisschops Stained Glass works closely with the church to make sure the window has the desired effect and message within the church.


Restoration and Protection of Windows

Bisschops Glass specialise in a range of work from repairs through to major church commissions and focus on the highly specialised technique of painting on glass. This technique is used in church windows to draw faces, hands, robes and other areas of detail and relies on both precision and skill. Bisschops Glass has a proven reputation as experts in this area.


Bisschops Glass have worked and restored many historic windows such as the Hardman Windows at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Harry Clarke windows at St. Columba’s and many windows of Gowers & Brown, an influential & respected local stained glass studio from the later 20th century.


After the window has been installed, Bisschops Glass can also provide a secure and affordable system to protect your stained glass windows, so they are appreciated for years into the future.